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Exhibition on Screen

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN is the originator and market leader for bringing blockbuster art events from galleries around the world to cinemas. Intertwined with artist biographies and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the galleries, the films are informative, accessible and entertaining. Over the last three seasons they have been enjoyed by more than 1 million people in cinemas around the world and now in 54 countries. Most importantly, the films are shot for the big screen and offer an immersive, cinematic journey through the world’s most loved art and its creators.

Exhibition on Screen Calendar

Pricing for Arts Events
Met Opera Live: Adult £27.00 - Concession £24.00. Gold Members: Adult £25.50 - Concession £22.50
National Theatre Live: Adult £19.00 - Concession £17.00. Gold Members: Adult £17.50 - Concession £15.50
Exhibition on Screen: Adult £13.50 - Concession £12.50. Gold Members: Adult £12.00 - Concession £11.00

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