About film certificates and admission policies

u certificate“U” – Universal; suitable for all.

u certificate“PG” – Parental Guidance

General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.

u certificate“12A” – 12 Accompanied.

No one younger than 12 may see a “12A” film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult, and “12A” films are not recommended for a child
below 12. An Adult may take a younger child if, in their judgement, the film is suitable for that particular child. In such circumstances,
responsibility for allowing a child under 12 to view lies with the accompanying adult.

u certificate“15” – No one younger than 15 may see a ‘15’ film in a

u certificate“18” – No one younger than 18 may see a ‘18’ film in a

In some cases, yes. ID may be required for 12A, 15 & 18 certificate films. For proof of age we accept Young Scot cards, photocard
driving licenses and cards issued by http://www.validateuk.co.uk/ Student ID is
required when purchasing student tickets. In the event of a dispute, the cinema manager’s decision is final.

We have launched a new “teen” rate for our customers aged 15, 16 & 17. So you no longer have to pay full adult price at 15. Child price
is charged for children aged 3 to 14 inclusive and full adult price is payable from age 18 up.

It is a condition of our licence that no one under the age of 15 may be admitted to a 15 certificate film. Sorry.

About film programming

The film distributors do not allow us to issue free tickets to any film within the first two weeks of release. These films are indicated on
all our advertising as (FLS). Free passes can not be used against these films. Occasionally there are films where the distributor has requested
we suspend the free list for longer than two weeks, although this is now uncommon.

There are loads of details on all the films we are currently showing and coming soon on this very web site!

Most cinemas in the UK work a Friday to Thursday week. Each Monday the entire industry sits down, has a coffee, maybe a donut or two, and
decides the full programme of films and times for the following week. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Really, it’s not. Deciding what films to show
and when to show them involves taking into account dozens of variables including but not restricted to: the availability of films, a films
certificate and running time, what demands the distributor is making and what we feel is the best time to show a film, how many shows to run,
whether to show in 3D or 2D, which screen to show the film in, and then we need to throw into the mix all the films which are ‘holding over’
from the previous week. Sometimes we have 12 slots and 15 films to slot into them. Believe us, it’s not easy!

We endeavour to have that information on our web site and available to our telephone call handlers by 6pm each Monday. Sometimes little
things like Bank Holidays get in the way of that and it can run to Tuesday before the programme is confirmed, but this is not often.

There are currently about 700 full-time cinema’s in the UK, with about 4000 screens. Some “limited release” films are released on very small
“print runs” of perhaps fifty or a hundred prints. On the other hand some “blockbuster” films are released on over 500 prints. Providing a
print run is over 250 to 300, we are usually able to secure a print on release. But this is determined on a film-by-film basis and is not

These dates may relate to release dates in other world “territories” such as the United States.

About digital and 3D cinema

We do! All four screens at the Pavilion feature digital picture and sound, giving you the best possible cinema experience.

We do! The films which are showing in 3D are clearly shown on our splendid home page.

No, sorry. Our 3D system works differently than most other cinemas. Our glasses are quite technical and include two lcd screens, a battery
and some fancy electronics to synchronise the glasses to the cinema screen – and cost us about £50 each! So, these glasses must be returned at
the end of each screening.

No, sorry, they won’t work with our 3D system.

Yes, very much so. After every wear each pair of glasses is cleaned and sanitised in a disinfectant solution.

About disabled access

Yes, in cinema 1, we have a Williams Sound infra red based hearing assistance system. There are two options; one is simply a pair of
headphones which amplify the speech channel in the film, and one is a personal induction loop system for use with hearing aids.

We currently show one subtitled film per week. This film is shown on our home page showtimes grid as “Subtitled”. We are reviewing our
policy of audio described screenings and hope to have more news soon.

About web bookings

No, sorry, advance bookings can only be made online on this web site or in person at the box office.

Yes. All data passed between your browser, our server and our card processing partner is secure and encrypted.

Yes. Any data we hold is in accordance with the current UK data protection laws. For more details on this, please see our Privacy Policy.

Web bookings attract a 50p per ticket booking fee. The booking fee helps us off-set the cost of running (and keeping updated)
a computerised booking system and the cost of credit/debit card charges.

No, sorry, web bookings can only be made by credit or debit card.

No, sorry. All web transactions are final. If you are unable to make the film you have booked for, at the managers discretion
we may offer to transfer your booking to another film or performance – but only up to the furthest away date that is currently programmed into
our system.

No, when you make a web booking we will email you a ‘Booking Confirmation’. To collect your tickets, simply show this booking confirmation to box office staff either as a print out or on your mobile phone.

We try to offer as varied a programme of films as possible, within the constraints of only 4 screens (bear in mind there are on average over
10 films released per week!) Sometimes this means your chosen film may not be showing on the exact day you wish to see it. Our full programme
can be seen on our home page.

All web bookings can be collected from the box office during our normal opening hours. Our box office normally opens 20
minutes before the first film each day.

At the end of the booking process you will see a screen confirming your booking, and you will also receive an email confirming your booking. Please bring that email to the cinema to collect your tickets, either as a print out or on your mobile phone.

Normally tickets go on sale the Monday (about 6pm) before a film opens on a Friday. This can change with advance screenings etc., and with Wednesday/Monday/Thursday sometimes Saturday openings of films! So, we aim to have tickets on sale from 6pm on the Monday before the film opens during the following Friday to Thursday week.

No, sorry. Web bookings are final and can not be cancelled. If you are unable to make the film you have booked for, at the
managers discretion we may offer to transfer your booking to another film or performance – but only up to the furthest away date that is
currently programmed into our system.

Please call us on 01896 752767 and ask for a manager, we’ll do everything we can to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Yes. But as we operate a “first come, first served” choice on seating, please don’t turn up at 1 minute before the start time for the
opening night of the new James Bond film and expect to find two seats in the middle of the cinema hall. The earlier you’re here, the better
choice of seats you will have!

General Questions

We do!

We have two levels of membership, one is for our regular cinema customers and one is more suited to our Pavilion*Arts customers. Both feature 3 free tickets, then discounts on your own ticket every film all year, plus discounts at the concessions stand and other benefits including discounts at a local restaurant. For full details and to sign up, click here: Pavilion Memberships

No sorry. If you have a group coming for a birthday or other celebration, we can arrange a ticket/sweets package, and ‘rope off’ a section
of the cinema hall so you can all sit together. Call us on 01896 752767 to discuss.

Please call a cinema manager on 01896752767 to discuss how we can help you with your specific requirement.

If we’re asked nicely! As a local cinema, we are happy to support our local community and charities and fundraising events etc. with a
couple of free tickets for you to raffle etc. Please send a letter stating what your event is, who is organising it, what day the event is
being held on and the location of the event to; Neil Poole, Pavilion Cinema, Market Street, Galashiels. TD1 3AF. Please allow 14 days to
process your request and get your tickets out to you. Please note the issue of tickets is at our discretion, they are limited in number and is not guaranteed.

We have a few advertising opportunities in the cinema. On the screen, on the back of our tickets being the most notable. In the first
instance, please contact a manager on 01896 752767 to discuss.

Our “Staff Required” page on our web site has all the details on any current vacancies.

Not at the moment. Sorry.

However, we do have a membership scheme! members receive a range of benefits including free and discounted tickets and discounts at the concessions stand. Full details here: Pavilion Memberships

It is! We sell gift vouchers with a face value of £5 and they can be bought in person at the box office or call us on 01896 752767 to
purchase by phone. Telephone orders attract a £2 post/packaging/handling fee for UK mainland orders. Telephone orders are usually posted the same day or next business day to your nominated address, and this does NOT have to be the address of the person placing the order.

The posters are usually archived and the standees are usually sent for recycling.

Whilst we don’t stop you, we really prefer you not to. We offer a range of confectionery products at reasonable prices within the industry –
bear in mind we are NOT a Multi-national multiplex! – and we really prefer you purchase our products rather than bringing in your own. Imagine
taking a Burger King into a McDonalds – McDonalds wouldn’t be too keen! Clearly, any foodstuffs which are required for dietary/health purposes
are perfectly acceptable.

Hot food can NOT be brought into the pavilion under any circumstances.

For our cinema customers we prefer to offer a “first come, first served” choice of where to sit in the cinema hall. The majority of our
Pavilion*Arts programme is allocated seating.

Babies who are not yet walking may be brought into the cinema free of charge (but please remember they are not allocated a seat). Out of
consideration of the other customers, we would ask that any baby who is causing a disturbance is removed from the cinema hall. Once a child is
walking we expect you to pay our “Under 3” rate. From age 3 to 14 inclusive children are charged at “Child” rate.

Unaccompanied children are welcome – providing they possess the social skills required to behave appropriately.

No, sorry, we do not allow the use of e-cigarettes or vaping anywhere in our building. Smoking normal cigarettes is, of course, not permitted inside any public building in Scotland.

As a courtesy to your fellow audience members, and to prevent film theft, we ask that customers do not enter any cinema auditorium using any ‘wearable technology’ capable of recording images. Any customer found wearing such technology will be asked to remove it and may be asked to leave the cinema.

No problem. Give us a call on 01896752767 or drop us an email at info@pavilioncinema.co.uk