We've made changes to create a safer cinema experience. Full details here.


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Coronavirus FAQ

Providing a safer return to the Big Screen experience

We can’t wait to welcome you back to the cinema and we’ve been working hard to ensure that is as safe as possible. The Coronavirus has impacted life for everyone, but we are determined to create a safe, enjoyable environment for our customers to return watching films on the big screen. It might not quite be ‘the same’ but we’ll do our very best to make it a great cinema experience.

Your questions answered…

Are you assisting the Scottish Government’s Test & Protect scheme?
Yes. Contact details are captured any time you book to see a film. Contact details are not captured when you purchase tickets in the cinema. For this reason, we highly recommend booking in advance. If we are contacted by Test & Protect we will be able to pass on the details of those who have booked. Your data will be deleted after 21 days and will be protected by our Privacy Policy at all times.

Do I really have to wear a facemask?
Current Scottish Government guidelines require that a face covering is worn when entering, moving around and then leaving the cinema. When you are sat in the auditorium, you may take your face covering off to eat and drink.

Can I go to the toilet during the performance?
Absolutely. Please exit the row going past the fewest customers. Please be polite and courteous to other customers while exiting and returning and please remember to wear your face covering while moving around the cinema.

Why are you using seat allocation?
In order to ensure physical distancing, our booking and ticketing system now allows you to choose your own seats at the time of purchase. Your seat/row numbers are printed on your ticket. Please check the seat numbers on the base of the seat and the row letters at the end of each row.

Staff will be on hand to assist you in the cinema if required.

Can I leave the hall to purchase a coke or popcorn?
Absolutely! The concessions counter is open and serving. Please leave the row by the fewest customers and please be patient if you have to join a queue, we’ll be working as quickly as we can to serve you safely.

What training have you given your staff?
Before we reopened our staff went through extensive in cinema training as well as completing the Coronavirus Awareness Training provided by the cinema industry’s training partner ScreenSkills. Our employee pass certificates are available to view on request in the cinema. In cinema training continues on an ongoing basis.

Still got a question? We’ve very happy to help. Please get in touch in one of the following ways:

Fill in an online form here
Email us here
Or call us on 01896752767

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