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SANTA! I know him, I know him!!

December 10th, 2019 by Andrew Poole

Christmas eve at the Pavilion is an extraodinarily busy day at the Pavilion, and there’s good reason for that…

It’s the most magical day of the year.

Our Christmas Eve matinees are my absolute favourite shift in the entire year.  Opening day of a new James Bond film – great.  Opening day of a new Marvel film – awesome.  First Saturday matinee of a new Walt Disney animated film – amazing.  But none of them have anything on our Christmas Eve matinees.

And I’m not alone.  We have over 20 staff at the Pavilion and even on incredibly busy days like this one, we don’t need all the staff on duty at the one time.  So there’s often a scramble of staff – particularly the senior staff – who all want to work that day.

We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past 20 years to build this day up to being a must-go event in Galashiels.

All our staff wear Christmas jumpers or Santa hats.  And it’s great to see that many of our customers get into the spirit of the day too with many wearing Christmas themed clothing.

For the past few years we have shown a classic Christmas film as well as the current films on release.  In the past we’ve run films including Elf, Home Alone and The Polar Express, and this year we’re running two classic Christmas films; Home Alone 2 and Elf – running again as it’s back on general release this winter.

SANTA!!  I Know him, I know him!!

And most importantly, we get a visit from the Man himself, Santa!  Despite his extraordinarily busy schedule at this time of year, he still finds time to visit us on Christmas eve.  What a hero!

He doesn’t come empty handed either.  He has a carefully wrapped present for every child watching a film.  Given the pressures on his North Pole elves at this time of year, in truth the presents are wrapped on our own production line in the cinema.  But all are individually checked and approved by Mr Claus himself.

We’ve done this for the past 20 years or so – we can’t actually remember when we started this tradition.  And it has grown from a hundred or so parcels when we first started, to last year when Santa gave out over 400 parcels to kids.

The net result of all of this is that it is not unusual to sell every ticket to every film on Christmas eve.  We used to just run 1 film in each screen, but it’s now so popular and busy we usually run 7 or 8 films.

And this year is no exception with a terrific choice of films for the whole family.  Given how busy these shows are, booking in advance is essential.  You can see the full list of films and book from the dedicated Christmas Eve page on our web site.

For your viewing pleasure

Regular visitors to my blog will know by now I always recommend a film that’s not already in my “Top 5 favourite films” list.

As it’s Christmas time, this month my recommendation has to be Christmas related.   I doubt there’s many folk haven’t seen Die Hard.

So, I’m not going to give a description of the film, instead this time I would like to start a debate…

“Die Hard (1988)” – Is this a Christmas film or not?  Leave your answer in a comment below.

Many thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up with my blog.

Regular visitors to my blog will know I’ve been recounting my Dad’s tales from the projection room – and his projection-room-based living room!

But for this month, I’m going to give you all a break and talk about our Christmas Eve matinees.

Short blog this month.  Regular service will resume next month.

Comments or questions?

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