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Sound Upgrade

Pavilion Cinema Sound Upgrade

We’re spending over £75,000 replacing our entire audio system.

Although the current sound system at the Pavilion works and gives a generally good quality presentation, it has been in desperate need of improvement for some time. The sound processors we are currently using are adapted for digital projection, the amplifiers are getting very close to end of life – most are over 25 years old – and the speakers are all over 25 years old and the fabric ‘cones’ will be struggling to produce the quality of sound all our customers deserve to enjoy on a trip to the movies.


So, starting Monday 6th July, we are replacing our entire sound system, including the latest new sound processors from Dolby, and the latest amplifiers and speakers from internationally renowned audio equipment supplier QSC.

Equipment being installed:

  • 4 X Dolby CP950 Cinema Processors
  • 14 X QSC Amplifiers
  • 12 X QSC Cinema stage speakers
  • 50 X QSC Cinema surround speakers
  • 5 X QSC Cinema subwoofers speakers (1 for each screen plus a second one for screen 1!)

Dobly CP950 Sound Processor

QSC DPA 4.3 Aplifier

Cinema for all

But that’s not all. We are also making a vast improvement to our provision of assistive systems for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.

We will be installing the Dolby Fidelio system in all four cinema screens. The Dolby Fidelio system is a multi channel transmission system which will allow us to improve access to film for those who are hard of hearing and visually impaired.

For hard of hearing customers: We are able to play amplified sound of the centre channel, which is the channel that carries most of the speech in a films soundtrack.

For visually impaired customers: We are able to play a descriptive narration channel which describes the action and events occurring on screen.

For customers who would benefit from these systems, we can play both at once, one in one ear, and one in the other ear.

And this system is now being installed in all four cinema screens.

Dolby Fidelio system

Constantly investing in our business for the benefit of our customers

In 2011 we converted to digital cinema, we replaced all our seating in 2016 and now with this audio upgrade project we have invested over £250,000 in our business to provide the best quality experience for our customers.

The audio upgrade project has been made possible from a grant from Screen Scotland. In the current economic climate we would not be able to embark on such an ambitious project without the support from Scotland’s Screen agencies, for which we are extremely grateful.

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