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Community Award Winner in the Borders Retail Business Awards 2019

Summer Washout? Not here…

October 5th, 2019 by Andrew Poole


Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my last post.  I’ll be covering more of our family history in the world of cinema over the next few months, but I’m beside myself with excitement about our recent award, and I really HAVE to share this news with you!

Award Winning Cinema!

On Sunday 29th September at the Borders Retail Business Awards ceremony at the McDonald Cardrona Hotel, the cinema won the “Community” category.

We’re now an award winning cinema.  I can’t say that often enough without smiling.  I can’t thank our customers enough for voting for us over the past few months.  Your dedication and support for us is hugely appreciated.

We now progress to the Scotland Retail Business Awards Final to be held at the DoubleTree By Hilton in Glasgow in May 2020.

I’ll no doubt be calling on our amazing customers to once again vote for us, but I’ll leave it until a bit near the time before I start begging for votes.

Winning this award is one of the highlights of my career.  The glitzy award ceremony was in a packed hall with over 200 fellow Borders business owners and employees.

We (The Poole family) owe the award not just to the customers who voted for us, but to all our amazing staff who work tirelessly to provide the excellent service you all enjoy.

Pictured below: Andrew Poole, Lenore Poole (my long suffering wife), Rebecca Gray (our Shift Supervisor) and Lewis Cowburgh (our Supervisor).


Summer stories…

Let’s first of all talk very briefly about Summer 2018.   As an indoor entertainment venue, I’m sorry to say, we pray for rain – lots of it.

When the schools are on holiday and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, if you look closely at the roof of the Pavilion, usually from about 6am, you can just see me doing my rain dance.

It’s a weird ritual, practiced by cinema owners the world over.  There’s nothing hedonistic about it, although my wife does think I resemble someone with uncontrollable muscle spasms and limited balance.  I may video it and share it for you all some time.

For the first three weeks of the summer school holidays in 2018, despite my best efforts, the rain didn’t come, the sun was ever-present in the sky and everyone made for the seaside.  When they came back from the seaside, they had barbeques in their garden rather than go to the cinema.

On top of that, because the World Cup was being contested, the film distributors held back all the summer films until it was over.  A double-whammy.  Who could blame you all for staying away in droves!

Luckily, we then had the second busiest film of all time at the Pavilion – Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.  Who can guess what the busiest film of all time is?  You guessed it, Mamma Mia!

So the start of summer 2018 was hot and our screens were empty.

Summer 2019 was in stark contrast.  My rain dance was working wonders, the rain came and came and came.  I even felt slightly guilty at the flooding down south, but to be fair, I don’t even think my dance skills are that good.

On top of that we had some great films released with Toy Story at the end of June, Spider-Man Far From Home early July and The Lion King mid-July.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw was released in early August, added some action into the summer and gave the teens something to get their teeth into.

As strong as The Lion King was, it didn’t get close to equalling Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again business so we’ve ended up with a summer that, being completely honest, hasn’t set the tills alight.

Such is the way of things in cinema-land, but we’re looking forward to a very strong October through to the end of the year with some amazing films scheduled including Abominable, Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie, Terminator Dark Fate, Frozen 2 and Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker.

Here’s the top six Films at the pavilion from Friday 28th June to Thursday 22nd August.








For your viewing pleasure…

In my last blog I listed my top 5 favourite films, but there are so many great films out there that I thought each month I’d say a little bit about a film which almost made the list.  There are a lot of them!

What will become clear is that I have a slightly warped idea of what makes a “great film”.  But that’s what makes films great!

We all see a different film, and we all see films differently.  What I like may not appeal to you, but if you find yourself bored one day, and you don’t fancy anything we’re running at the Pavilion – Shock! Horror! – see if you can find one of my suggestions on a streaming service.

“The Dish (2000)”.

Starring Sam Neil this quirky comedy covers the story of a group of scientists in Australia who are tasked with relaying the satellite broadcast from Neil Armstrong’s moon landings to Houston in America.  A razor sharp script and excellent low key acting make this an excellent “fun movie”.

Watch for the scene when the American delegates are given a welcome party with a full band who jump into (what they think is) the American National Anthem.  Laugh out loud funny!

Coming soon…

In my next blog I’ll cover my Dad’s first foray into working in a real cinema.  He lied about his age to get the job!  I know, shocking!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Sandra Davidson

    8th October 2019 at 11:04

    To be honest, I don’t really like blogs but I do like films lol, however, I did enjoy reading this. Missed the previous one(s?) But will look out for the next one.

    As a (very) regular visitor, goes without saying we enjoy our trips to the movies and, obviously, voted for you too. We were also some of the few who attended whilst the sun was shining lol!

    Good luck for 2020.

    See you tomorrow!

    • Pavilion Cinema

      8th October 2019 at 11:24

      Hi Sandra, thanks very much for your comment.

      The first two blogs can be found here: https://pavilioncinema.co.uk/blog/

      Thanks for your support – come rain or shine.

      Andrew Poole
      Cinema Manager.


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